Friday, September 19, 2014

Local Shop In The Spotlight: Vintage Alley!!

A vintage style clothing store in Hayward?! How awesome is that!

Vintage Alley, Hayward, CA

I was so surprised and elated when I heard about Vintage Alley opening in downtown Hayward a couple years ago. In fact, when I first heard the news, I thought it was a hoax. I mean, really, things like that are too good to be true! Lucky for me, though, it absolutely was true!

This place is run by a husband and wife team, the super awesome and charismatic Alfred and ever wonderful and beautiful Alicia. These people know how to run a true mom and pop shop too! It didn't take long for them to know me by name and greet me personally whenever I come into the shop. They also never fail to ask how my mother-in-law is doing after her pop into the shop last summer. I'm sure this personalized attention goes out to all their regular and semi-regular customers.

Vintage Alley, Hayward, CA

Not only do they run an awesome shop but they also have a chic hair salon at the same location where yours truly loves to get a vintage do done by the friendly, stunning, and talented Leilani.

Vintage Alley Salon Waiting Area

At The Vintage Alley Salon

On top of their hard work in running their shop and salon they also get involved in community events. For the past two years they have participated in Hayward's Walk of Wine, and this year, they even hosted their first annual car show in downtown Hayward!

Speaking of Haward's Walk of Wine Tour, while I blogged about it a few weeks ago, what I didn't tell you in that post (at least in length) was the behind the scenes of that day!

I started my morning by going into the shop for a hair appointment. While I was there the owner Alicia let me know I could pick our any item for 20% off! What an excellent surprise. But with the hair appointment done and the Walk of Wine about to start I was already running late so she let me take a rain check to come back later that day. When I came back later in the day for one of the wine pours I took advantage of the 20% off one item but ended up getting not just one item but two (though only one was 20% off). My ever wonderful husband bought them for me! He said, as a extra special treat and last present for my birthday this year. <3

So what did I get? Let's do a clothing review!

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse in Black:

The Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse is my favorite top by Heart of Haute. When they first released this top earlier this year I knew I was going to love it. It has a cute and full pussy bow at the neck, lots of pleating, cute little puff sleeves that don't bulk you up, and a fitted design. I did find with the wrong bra that I got some button gaping but with the right bra, it was minimal. Still, I think I might want to invest in some fashion tape for this top to keep the gaping away or just do my usual fix and safety pin it from the inside.

Steady High Waisted Thrill Skirt in Red:

This is the prefect skirt! I've been stalking this one forever online going back and forth between convincing myself that I don't need it, and then telling myself that I really wanted it. I'm so happy I was able to pick this one up. It is just the right length, the right shade of red, the right amount of flare, and sits just right on my waist. And with it being a separate, it's very versatile... you can see it with another Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse here. I also can't wait to start wearing it with some sweater tops when the weather starts to get a little cooler.

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Front View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Front View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Side View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black With Steady High Waisted Thrills Skirt- Back View

Heart of Haute Estelle Blouse Black- Close Up

If you're ever in the Hayward area be sure to check out this shop! They carry a huge selection of Stop Starting dresses, a good amount of Heart of Haute, Steady, as well as a pretty large selection of men's clothing, some baby's clothing, tons of hats, and so many beautiful accessories and hair flowers!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Little Hats- Cherries Edition!

So now that I finally started working on some DIY hat projects again, I'm on a roll!

The day that I made the last fascinator (see the Carmen Miranda inspired hat here) I also made a black fascinator with cherries but didn't get around to photographing it until just now!

And so without any farther ado, here is the DIY tutorial for a cherry fascinator you can make yourself at home!

Making Little Hats!

1) Start with a fascinator base. I bought this straw base from ebay

 2) Add the decoration of your choice. I start with what I think will best go on the botton layer of the fascinator first... the part closest to the fascinator base.

When adding decoration which is heavy or which might not have an easy time surviving on the hat from just hot glue alone, I like to find a way to sew on the decoration. For these cherries I hot glued the stems together then sewed the stems onto the hat.

To reinforce the stitches, I then hot glued the decoration on over the stitches. 

 Here is what the back side of the fascinator looks like.
3) Next, if you are adding multiple things to your fascinator, if there are parts overlapping, those overlapping parts should go on next. If you want something overlapping the second layer, add that next, and so on.

I both sewed on and hot glued on the bow.
4) Hot glue your stitching on the underside of the hat too once all your decoration is added!

5) Next, sew on a hair clip, alligator clip, or hair comb. Be sure to pay extra attention to which way you will want the hat to be orientated on your head. If adding a hair clip (like shown) or alligator clip you will want the hair clip to be parallel to the ground when attaching the fascinator to your head. This will give the fascinator a jaunty tilt. If you are adding a hair comb you would want that to be at the front of the hat towards your face with the teeth of the comb facing towards the back of your head.

6) Last, reinforce your stitches with hot glue at the fat end of your hair clip or alligator clip. For a hair comb, you would want the hot glue to be at the long solid edge of the hair comb not touching the teeth.

And here you have the finished product! A new fascinator to wear out and have fun with!

Black Cherry Fascinator You Can Make At Home!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Guest Blog Post For Cats Like Us!!!

Hello Kittens!

I just wanted to let you all know I recently did a guest blog post for Cats Like Us's blog where I talked about cherries. It features Heart of Haute's White Cherries Estelle blouse as well as Trashy Diva's 1940's Flutter dress!

Go check it out! :D

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pinup Girl Clothing Dress Reviews! Sale On Sales!

So earlier this week I had an Outfit of the Day post featuring my new Pinup Couture Netti dress.

As promised, here is my review of the Pinup Couture Netti dress along with two other dress reviews for dresses I bought from Pinup Girl Clothing during one of their recent sale on sales!

Pinup Couture Netti dress in Squirrel Sateen:
This dress has a super cute and super cool retro atomic style print. Pink and olive green squares are dominate in the print but when you look close you will also see woodland motifs such as branches, leaves, acorns, and little squirrels all over. The Netti dress is a nice summer dress with wide contrasting black shoulder straps and a black band at the top of the bust. The black contrasting band at the top of the bust is scalloped and finished in a pink serged-stitch which matches with the pink on the dress. This dress comes with a contrasting black slide belt. This dress is fitted on top and has a very full skirt. It has a side zip which is not my favorite but for the overall beautiful and awesome look of the dress, who's complaining really?!

Pinup Girl Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Sateen- Front View

Pinup Girl Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Sateen- Front View

Pinup Girl Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Sateen- Side View

Pinup Girl Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Sateen- Back View

Pinup Girl Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Sateen- Close Up

Pinup Couture Heidi dress in Birdcage Print:
I was surprised to find that the Heidi dress in Birdcage Print fit a little big in the bust. I don't know if sizing down would help since that would make the waist really tight on me but in any case, it is a really cute dress with a really cute print which I got at an awesome price so in my eyes it's not that much of a problem. This dress is made of gray material with a birdcage print all over. The birdcages are black with some pink and a little bit of white. Like the squirrel print, the birdcage print has a definite retro feel. This dress has an angular neckline that has a sweetheart shape. The bust is ruched. The straps on this dress are extra wide, almost like little sleeves and are wide at the top by the shoulders and get narrower closer to the bust where they are also ruched. This dress is fitted at the bust and has a nice flared full skirt. It also comes with a black slide belt and has black trim along the neckline and shoulders. This dress has a back zip.

Pinup Couture Heidi Dress In Birdcage- Front View

Pinup Couture Heidi Dress In Birdcage- Front View

Pinup Couture Heidi Dress In Birdcage- Side View

Pinup Couture Heidi Dress In Birdcage- Back View

Pinup Couture Heidi Dress In Birdcage- Close Up

Pinup Couture Annalise dress in Black with Pink Tipsy Elephants:
While the Heidi fit slightly large, the Annalise dress fit very tight! This dress is made of a stretchy polyester, rayon, spandex blend so I'm guessing from their choice in material that this small fit was intentional as they possibly mean for this dress to be very fitted on top?

The Annalise is a black dress with one embroidered pink elephant at the top right shoulder and two embroidered pink elephants at the bottom left hip. These are not your average pink elephants though! They are very tipsy looking elephants dancing around martini glasses with bubbles floating around them! I loved these elephants from the first moment I saw them. They reminded me of Dumbo during the scene when the mouse fell into the barrel of ale and saw all the elephants dancing around. Ah, good memories of fun cartoons! Pinup Girl Clothing also makes an all over print with these elephants which I'm so happy to see back in stock on some of their dresses!

The bust on this dress is very similar to the bust in on the Heidi though there are definite differences. This dress has a curved princess neckline and wide straps which are more like little capped sleeves. Like the Heidi, the sleeves on this dress in narrower by the top of the bust and get wider at the top of the shoulders. This dress has a very fitted top and a nicely flared full skirt. The medium to heavy thickness of the material of this dress helps keep the shape of the skirt. This dress also comes with a contrasting pink slide belt and has a back zip.

Pinup Couture Annalise Dress in Black With Tipsy Elephants- Front View

Pinup Couture Annalise Dress in Black With Tipsy Elephants- Front View

Pinup Couture Annalise Dress in Black With Tipsy Elephants- Side View

Pinup Couture Annalise Dress in Black With Tipsy Elephants- Back View

Pinup Couture Annalise Dress in Black With Tipsy Elephants- Close Up

I bought all three dresses in my usual size large which I have found can usually either fit a little large or just right in Pinup Girl Clothing dresses. In this case, I had a wide range of fits from just right, too large, and too small-- though in all cases if it was too large or too small it was just slightly so and probably would not warrant getting another size. For reference my measurements are 39"-31"-39 and I am 5'3".

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Squirrels!

What's cracking kittens?

Last weekend I went out with my two best lady geology friends for a bit of brunch in Berkeley. Brunch was good but the company was better. There was good weather too, so it was nice to sit outside in the sun while taking in my lemon gingerbread pancakes and decaf coffee. Sadly, we've only been averaging seeing each other about once a year but hopefully our plan to meet up in December will work out and it won't be another year before we see each other again.

Outfit of the Day:

For today's outing I brought out my brand new Pinup Couture Netti dress in the squirrel print sateen. Keep an out out for the full review later this week-- it will be a three dress review on some dresses I recently picked up on Pinup Girl Clothing's sale on sale!

As usual I paired this with a cardigan, this one a pink one from Target, as well as my trusty black flats from Gap Outlet.

Pinup Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Print Sateen- Front View

Pinup Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Print Sateen- Front View

Pinup Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Print Sateen- Side View

Pinup Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Print Sateen- Front View

Pinup Couture Netti Dress In Squirrel Print Sateen- Side View

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Matching Your Dress To Your Teaware, Part 5

So today is the day I live up to my blog name! 

It's another perfect paring... this time with cats! <3

When I saw this dress on Rebel Circus' website I said to myself, "Hey! I've seen a teapot just like that!!!!" This Folter Women's Black Cats dress in white features an all over black cat print, v-neckline, and contrasting black sash. It also has pockets! But the real draw of this dress are the cute, curvy, and long kitties posed throughout the dress. These cats remind me of sexton cats wall hangings from the 1950's!

Folter Women's Black Cats Dress In White From Rebel Circus, photo:
Cool Cats Tea For One From Stash Tea, photo:

Imagine wearing this dress whilst taking a sip of tea from this tea for one in a 1950's style living room!

This Cool Cats Tea for One found on Stash Tea's website is a creamy colored tea for one featuring two curvy and long retro sexton-style black cats! The black bordering the saucer, tea cup, and  adorning the teapot at the spout, handle and lid farther mirrors the Folter Black Cats dress's sash as well as embellishes the tea for one perfectly.

These two are truly a puurrrr-fect paring!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Two Looks For Kind Of Staying In

This last Labor Day weekend, for the most part of the weekend, I stayed in and worked on crafting projects and caught up with a sewing project. 

I did find myself stepping out even when I was planning on staying in all day though. On Sunday I went out for a bagel run to Panera Bread... sadly no Noah's nearby, and on Monday I went for a quick trip to Joann's to get more interfacing and got lots of extra goodies on sale during their labor day sale.

So what are my favorite outfits for mostly staying in but stepping out for a quick spell on a day off? The answer is cotton jersey dresses! <3

Outfit of the Day:

Mostly when I'm at home I love to be in my PJs... but when it's the weekend and I find myself needing to step out of the house I like to throw on a super comfy cotton jersey dress. And for extra comfort and convenience, I like to throw on a pair of stretchy cotton leggings underneath the dress. Cotton leggings were my staple in life in the 4th and 5th grade! ;)

Cotton Jersey Dress By Oliva Moon, Nordstrom Rack- Front View

Cotton Jersey Dress By Oliva Moon, Nordstrom Rack- Front View

Cotton Jersey Dress By Oliva Moon, Nordstrom Rack- Side View

Mouse Flats, Chase and Chloe, Modcloth- Close Up

Cotton Jersey Dress By Xhilaration, Target- Front View

Cotton Jersey Dress By Xhilaration, Target- Side View

Wolfgang- Side View